tESA Tuesdays and Conference 2022

For the last 18months or so, life seems to have been rather stuck but as things open up again, tESA aims to have a real drive to help our members re-connect and re-engage with Equine Shiatsu.

So what’s happening?

Firstly, Conference is being planned for 2022 in May or June in Scotland (details to be announced later in the year)

For the first time we are running a series of Zoom events for members beginning in September and running up to the end of the year

These events are open to tESA members only ,if you are a member and would like to register then please email Liz Eddy liz@equestrian-shiatsu.com  ,to join tESA here is the link to the membership page https://equineshiatsu.org/join-tesa/tesa-membership/

There will be a series of informal chat and discussions on various topics designed to support and educate our members, some online CPD and talks/interviews with experts. For some of these, there may be an affordable cost, but the first few will be free of charge to tESA members .

Topics covered will include :

– Supporting and energising your business – the committee felt that there were many different aspects to this, so in our first

Zoom meeting we will explore this further and see what areas our members would like to know more about

– Boost your equine shiatsu business – tips from long-standing and successful practitioners
– Five Element approach to engaging with different work scenarios
– Extra-ordinary vessels – where to find them and how to use them
– Shin Tai – an exploration of this unique form of Shiatsu and how you can integrate it into your practice
– Meridian extensions – where to find them and how to use them
– Personal development – how, why and what (and indeed when!)

Members are asked to list their favourites and any other ideas that they might have to Liz Eddy liz@equestrian-shiatsu.com

tESA Tuesday Dates:
7th September 2021
19th October 2021
30th November 2021

To take part, members must install the Zoom app and register by 5pm on the Sunday before. A meeting will then be set up and the link sent out to everyone. Reminders will be sent out nearer the time.

The first meeting on the 7th Sept will be a very informal one to say hello, meet your committee members, check the technical side and to choose the topics for the next meeting.

One of tESA’s original founding principles was to help Equine Shiatsu Practitioners and Students keep contact, and hopefully this will be the start of everyone getting back to feeling more connected.

We looking forward to seeing as many members as possible on the 7th