tESA Conference 2017

The First International Equine Shiatsu Conference 2017

This was hosted by Syndicat de Shiatsu Equin on 20/21 May 2017 at L’isle Adam, France

A total of nine different countries were represented with representatives from Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Ireland but with most of the attendees coming from France, Belgium and the UK. It was a wonderfully informative weekend and such was the enthusiasm for more that the Belgians are to host that next year’s conference in May 2018!

Speakers included Dr Laura Ortola, a Spanish vet working in Normandy, Christian Pequillet and Marie Julliant from France and Evy Macquoy from Belgium.

Overall it was highly successful and did much to improve the bonds of understanding and communication between different people working with Equine Shiatsu all over Europe. As a result of conference a new facebook page – working title Equine Shiatsu International – will be set up for the various assocations to inform each other of any CPD workshops, conferences that they may have.