tESA AGM 2018

This year’s conference was held in at Errol in Scotland Scotland and our feedback so far is that it was excellent !
The theme for this year’s conference was vibrational waves. On Saturday, our speaker was Elaine Liechti, first chair of tESA and human Shiatsu teacher and Practitioner of 30 years standing. Her teacher was Pauline Sasaki, pioneer of Quantum Shiatsu and this was our focus for the day.
Quantum Shiatsu looks at waves and vibration of Qi. In order to tap into this, we need to set up our own internal energy to allow greater access to the information within the meridians and the energetic field. So the morning focused on using spinal alignment, expansion and contraction and other techniques and the afternoon followed on with the practical side of Quantum Shiatsu.
On Sunday, our speaker was Gavin Park, who practises Equine Vibrational Therapy which uses sound waves to help rebalance the body. Finally, Liz Eddy took a look at Chakras and how we can marry the differing theories of chakra work with Shiatsu.  Often Chakra work talks about them being gateways/portals to and from the body with an emphasis on the aura and the imbalances in the external layers but it is also possible to access the different vibrational levels of the chakras to monitor the effects of meridian work.
Next year’s conference date and venue are yet to be finalised but we have some very exciting speakers and a beautiful venue already lined up !
A report on this year’s conference will be in the next Tesa newsletter (available to members)
Finally, and certainly not leastly, we are delighted to welcome Tayje Paul as our new membership secretary.Don’t forget the new tESA membership year starts on February 1st 2019, you can download renewal forms through the members page now.