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Continual Professional Development

If you have little or no shiatsu experience…

The following schools accept students without prior shiatsu knowledge but with horse knowledge.

Acceptable horse standards include lifelong horse ownership and/or a recognised qualification in stable management.

  • The School of Equine Shiatsu

    Contact: Elsa Krifdom

    Introduction workshop 1 day

    Foundation Course 2 days

    Full Practitioner Diploma training 2.5 years

    Course includes specific modules on Chair Shiatsu for Humans

    Details from Jill Blake (mobile only): 07850 102 200

    and Elsa Krifdom, tel: 01903 246 030

    mobile: 07892 893 795

    email: sesequineshiatsu@gmail.com

    website: https://www.schoolofequineshiatsu.com

    The 2.5 year Diploma Course venue is in West Sussex near Hickstead

    Our philosophy is to bring together a group of like-minded individuals of all ages and from all walks of life with one common goal, to enhance their relationship with the horse and with one another with a view to going out into the community and sharing their training and experience with others. The journey starts here …

    Foundation Course

    This course stands on its own and offers a Foundation Course Diploma to students who meet the required standards. It is a 2 day course which runs in the spring and summer of each year over a weekend.The syllabus includes 2 days of horse work which includes observation and evaluation of the horse – standing and in motion. You will learn a complete body work out, including therapeutic stretches and rotations of limbs, neck and tail, relaxing and toning muscles, basic principles of Yin/Yang and Kyo/Jitsu, Qi (energy) imbalances, how to sedate and tonify Qi.Completion of this course does not permit you to go out and give Shiatsu for renumeration. It is aimed at those people who want to give Shiatsu for relaxation to their own horses or animals belonging to their friends. In all instances, Veterinary permission must be sought and given.

    2.5 year Diploma Course

    For details of this course please contact us for a full Prospectus. The course starts in September of each year and you will be required to attend on a monthly basis through until June of the following year, with the exception of December. Jill’s workbook – “Equine Shiatsu – the journey starts here” – forms the basis of the course and students will receive a free copy of this on commencement of the course.

    The School of Equine Shiatsu, Croatia
    Contact: Vedrana Ivcevic. Dip SES.
    Location: Zagreb (multiple sites in the area)
    Details from: Vedrana Ivcevic, contact number: +385918863387 Email us or Visit us online

    This is a sister school to its English counterpart, following an identical syllabus and assessment process with visiting tutors from England participating in its coursework. Holiday courses and accommodation can be arranged and Vedrana is fluent in English. “

  • Scottish School of Shiatsu for Horses

    Contact: Liz Eddy, Pascale Philpott & Christian Péquillet

    Introductory course (2 days)
    Full Practitioner Training over a 2 and a half year period.
    No pre-qualification necessary at start, but completion of each level is needed before entry to the next.
    Course includes specific modules on Human Shiatsu.
    Post grad courses open to all equine shiatsu practitioners.
    Location: Scotland,Finland,France and Italy
    Details from: Liz Eddy, Tel: 01821-642334 E-mail us

    The Scottish School of Shiatsu for Horses was established in 2001. We now have schools in Scotland, France and Finland. We offer a 2 day introductory course to allow horse owners to find out about equine shiatsu and learn how to help their horse. This is a hands-on course with only a small amount of theory. In Scotland, these are mostly held near Perth but we are willing to come to you if you want to organise your own group.

    We also run a 2.5 year course to practitioner level specialising in Zen Shiatsu This course has been ratified by tESA and meets the standards required to become a practitioner. This is a part time course, held mostly at weekends and the venues will vary in order to work on different horses, doing different kinds of work. Groups are kept small to ensure that everyone’s needs and problems can be catered for.

    Zen Shiatsu is primarily based on palpatory diagnosis and so treatment is decided on what is felt here and now. In theory and practice, Zen shiatsu looks at the horse as a whole, working with both the physical and psychological aspects. Quality of touch is therefore particularly important, as is treating each horse as an individual.

If you already have human shiatsu experience and horse experience

The following schools accept students with prior shiatsu knowledge and horse knowledge. Acceptable horse standards include lifelong horse ownership and/or a recognised qualification in stable management.

  • Rosewell Shiatsu Centre

    Contact: Sue Hix

    Full practitioner training in Equine Shiatsu based on the assumption that practitioners are pre-qualified in Human Shiatsu. Class contact hours are not predetermined as each person is individually assessed against competence criteria.
    Location: South Lincolnshire and Northern Spain.
    Details from: Sue Hix, Tel: 01780-410072 E-mail us

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