The Equine Shiatsu Association Membership

Join the only Equine Shiatsu Association in the UK

How to join tESA

Membership of tESA is open to everyone involved in or interested in Equine Shiatsu.

Membership runs from February to February each year. If you join during or after September you will be credited with the following year’s membership.

To find current Membership fees and an application form for membership please download this form.

Existing members can also access these when you log into the member page where you can find lots of other great resources for tESA members.

If applying for Full or Transitional Registration please also ask for the Checklist form for Registration so that you can send the relevant extra information.

Benefits of joining the Equine Shiatsu Association

Ok, so you practice Equine Shiatsu you have insurance and you have some clients, so why should you also be a member of tESA? I hope the information below will help answer that question, and possibly also encourage you to persuade anyone else you know who is not a member to also join:

  • You will be a member of the ONLY PROFESSIONAL BODY to represent Equine Shiatsu in the UK and Europe. We regulate the standard of Equine Shiatsu practice and teaching to a very high professional level.
  • You will have access to reduced rates for your insurance with our BLOCK INSURANCE SCHEME which is only available to our Members
  • You will be listed on our find a practitioner directory
  • We have 1,000’s of LEAFLETS available for you to use.
  • NEWSLETTERS that are circulated by email keeping you up to date with the latest news and events. They also offer a forum on Facebook (members only) for you to share your news, views and interesting case studies. (Postal newsletters are available if requested at renewal)
  • WEBINARS that are run over the winter season, free to tESA members – these have been very popular and also count towards your CPD
  • ANNUAL CONFERENCE – a weekend away with your Equine Shiatsu friends and peers. There are organised presentations and workshops and an ideal place to share your experiences with like-minded people.
  • ACCESS TO SMART BRANDED tESA CLOTHING so you can look professional in your work.

So my question to you is – how can you afford not to be a member?

Apply today

Types of Membership

The Equine Shiatsu Association offer five types of membership.

  • Full Membership of the Practitioners Register

    This is a recommended listing of those practitioners who meet the requirements and standards set by tESA (Ask the Membership Secretary to send you Appendices A, B & D of Equine Practitioner Standards). It is tESA’s aim to encompass within its Practitioners Register practitioners from different training establishments and training routes. There is no necessity to train with members of tESA or in schools ratified by tESA members. So long as you meet the requirements for Full membership you will be welcomed onto the Register. Members of this Register must hold insurance to practise Equine Shiatsu.

  • Transitional Register Membership

    Inclusion on this listing does not constitute a recommendation by the Association, merely an information guide. This category is for people already out there and practising Shiatsu on horses, but who may not have achieved all the standards set by tESA for Full registration as an Equine Shiatsu Practitioner (e.g. those who may be qualified to practise on humans and have developed into horse work on their own but may not be familiar with equine pathology, or those who passed Level 2 with the late Pamela Hannay and so were given permission to practise but whose knowledge of Shiatsu theory may fall short of the requirements for Full registration). Initially this register was intended to run only until June 2005, however it has become clear that there is a more permanent need for a transitional category of membership. We therefore intend to extend the Transitional Register indefinitely, however, members may only stay on the Transitional Register for a period of two years. During this time you will be supported in progressing to Full Practitioner status. Members of this Register must hold insurance to practise Equine Shiatsu.

  • Student Membership

    For students in training and open to students from any training establishment. Students from schools whose final assessment papers / procedures have been ratified by tESA and which fulfil the Equine Practitioner Standards can move from student membership to Full Registration on successful completion of their course. Any school run by tESA members may apply to tESA to have its final papers / procedures checked, so enabling their students to benefit from this direct route to recognition of their professional status.

  • Associate Membership

    This category is for people who do not currently have a practice or who cannot yet satisfy all the criteria set out by tESA for Practitioner membership. Those who come into this category might be Practitioner members taking a break from their practice, perhaps due to family or personal commitments. There is no website listing for Associates, but they will receive the newsletters

  • Friends of tESA

    This category is for people who are not studying or practising Equine Shiatsu, but who are interested in supporting the Association and its aims. Vets, bodyworkers of other disciplines, riders, human Shiatsu practitioners may be among those who would be in this category. Friends will receive newsletters.

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membership to equine shiatsu Association
membership to equine shiatsu Association