Come and join us at Conference 2022!

Conference - What's on? Saturday 21st May will be a whole day of Shin Tai with Vivienne Isaac and Kate Granger. Many members attended the Tuesday zoom meeting with Viv at the end of last year but now here is a chance to learn how to put this work into practice. There will be a mix of theory and practice . On Sunday morning, Mette Tranter will present proprioceptive groundwork as promoted by Connected Riding. This really works on multiple levels and is a mind-body-spirit technique. It helps the horse to become more flexible but also increases body awareness and receptiveness in the mind which in turn helps them to drop emotional baggage. Connected Riding is the concept of Peggy Cummings and looks to create awareness of body and movement within, and between, horse and rider Sunday afternoon's demo is from Jane Cumberlidge of The Integrated Horse on bit and bridle fitting. Jane is also a barefoot trimmer and saddle fitter. Her approach is totally holistic in so much as that the whole combination of horse and rider is considered when fitting. What does is cost? After many years of keeping the cost of conference to a minimum for members, it has been decided that there needs to be an increase. However, members should be aware that this is still well subsidised by tESA. Both days Members £85 Non-members £100 One day Members £50 Non-members £60 Booking forms will have been sent out with your tESA newsletters , DM VIV Isaac if you have not got one