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Why train as an Equine Shiatsu Practitioner?

Whether you are a horse lover looking to develop new skills to help your horse, or are looking for a new and rewarding career, there is a course for you.

 To have a second career – many of our graduates now work part or full time as accredited Equine Shiatsu Practitioners.

 To develop self-awareness and greater connection with horses – once you add an understanding of Qi to your horse work you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

 Many of our graduates will tell you that their training not only offered them expertise in Equine Shiatsu, but also found their training helped them with self-development and understanding. Shiatsu requires working closely with the horse’s energy and body language, so many people find also find they become more tuned in to energetic patterns in all aspects of their life.

 To have a greater understanding of Qi and how it forms a fundamental part of each horse’s character, conformation, tendencies to certain problems and ways of working with him that will be the key to an effective partnership.

 For Human Shiatsu Practitioners to add an Equine aspect to their practice.

 For Equine Bodywork practitioners, Equine Massage therapists and Equine physiotherapists to add a uniquely effective skill set to their work.

 A chance to learn with properly accredited Schools approved by The Equine Shiatsu Association that offer a thorough understanding of the principles and theory of Equine Shiatsu.

 Once you graduate you will be listed on the tESA register of accredited practitioners in Scotland England and Europe so horse owners, vets and trainers can easily find their local practitioner.

 To be part of an association involved in the national review of animal health professionals

equine shiatsu training routes
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How does training work?

You can attend an introductory weekend at one of our accredited schools or find out if they are running an event Do email them with any questions you may have or give them a call to find out more!

If you would like to progress further courses are modular and generally 2-3 years in duration part-time. All courses combine Shiatsu theory, and Equine Anatomy with plenty of hands-on practice.
Each school sets its own timetable and has a unique curriculum within the overall framework set down by tESA. This allows each school to pursue an individual approach while still adhering to the standards set by tESA of equine Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology as well as Shiatsu theory and practice.
All schools exam papers have been ratified by an external advisor and there is a pool of external examiners for the practical work to maintain good standards.
Whichever method you train with, at the end of this you will be able to go out and work as an accredited practitioner.
Many schools also offer post-graduate elements to their training, and tESA organises CPD both practical and theoretical for graduates. Each year there is an Annual Conference where you can meet up with fellow Equine Shiatsu practitioners and enjoy workshops relevant to your practice.
To find out more or to register on a course, look on our list of approved schools and contact them to start your training!
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If you have little or no shiatsu experience…

The following schools will accept students without formal qualifications in shiatsu and equine studies. However, each school does have their own assessment standards of entry requirements in horse knowledge and handling and potential students are advised to contact the schools directly regarding this matter.
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The School of Equine Shiatsu:
Jill Blake, Nick Goody & Elsa Krifdom

Introductory workshops (1 day & 3 days)
Full Practitioner Training over a 2 year period.
No pre-qualification necessary at start, but completion of each level is needed before entry to the next.
Course includes specific modules on Human Shiatsu.
Location: Sussex, Croatia and we are willing to travel to any group of more than 6 people to run an intro course.
Details from: Jill Blake, Tel: 01903-814860. e-mail:

October. 2.5 year Diploma Course Venue West Sussex, Near Hickstead.

The School of Equine Shiatsu, Croatia. Vedrana Ivcevic. Dip SES. contact :
www.shiatsuzakonje.com This is a sister school to its English counterpart, following an identical syllabus and assessment process with visiting tutors from England participating in its coursework. Holiday courses and accommodation can be arranged and Vedrana is fluent in English. “

The school runs high quality training including one-day workshops, 3 day foundation courses, full practitioner courses,and post graduate diploma courses.
All training and examinations are ratified by tESA and all shiatsu teachers are members of tESA and the Shiatsu Society. We specialise in Shiatsu for Horse and Rider, teaching Zen shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 element shiatsu. Past and present students are invited to become classroom assistants thus providing the basis of our in-house teacher training programme. We are always pleased to provide many demonstrations to Colleges, Riding Clubs and individual groups. Our philosophy is to bring together a group of like minded individuals of all ages and from all walks of life with one common goal, to enhance their relationship with the horse and one another, with a view to going out into the community and sharing their training and experience with others.
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Scottish School of Shiatsu for Horses:
Liz Eddy, Pascale Philpott & Christian Péquillet

Introductory course (2 days)
Full Practitioner Training over a 2 and a half year period.
No pre-qualification necessary at start, but completion of each level is needed before entry to the next.
Course includes specific modules on Human Shiatsu.
Post grad courses open to all equine shiatsu practitioners.
Location: Scotland,Finland,France and Italy
Details from: Liz Eddy, Tel: 01821-642334. e-mail:

The Scottish School of Shiatsu for Horses was established in 2001. We now have schools in Scotland, France and Finland. We offer a 2 day introductory course to allow horse owners to find out about equine shiatsu and learn how to help their horse. This is a hands-on course with only a small amount of theory. In Scotland, these are mostly held near Perth but we are willing to come to you if you want to organise your own group.

We also run a 2.5 year course to practitioner level specialising in Zen Shiatsu This course has been ratified by tESA and meets the standards required to become a practitioner. This is a part time course, held mostly at weekends and the venues will vary in order to work on different horses, doing different kinds of work. Groups are kept small to ensure that everyone’s needs and problems can be catered for.

Zen Shiatsu is primarily based on palpatory diagnosis and so treatment is decided on what is felt here and now. In theory and practice, Zen shiatsu looks at the horse as a whole, working with both the physical and psychological aspects. Quality of touch is therefore particularly important, as is treating each horse as an individual.
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If you already have human shiatsu experience and horse experience.......

The following schools accept students with prior shiatsu knowledge and horse knowledge. Acceptable horse standards include lifelong horse ownership and/or a recognised qualification in stable management
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Rosewell Shiatsu Centre:
Sue Hix

Full practitioner training in Equine Shiatsu based on the assumption that practitioners are pre-qualified in Human Shiatsu. Class contact hours are not predetermined as each person is individually assessed against competence criteria.
Location: South Lincolnshire and Northern Spain.
Details from: Sue Hix, Tel: 01780-410072. e-mail:
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Below is a listing of members of the Association offering introductory and self-help courses for horse owners/cares. If you wish to discuss Equine Shiatsu in general please contact any of these teachers or contact tESA.

Susanna Tuisku - chair of the Horse Shiatsu Association in Finland - www.hevosshiatsu.fi offers intro courses on behalf of the Scottish School of Shiatsu for Horses -
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Students are not allowed to charge for their shiatsu but are permitted to ask for a contribution towards expenses. This list is to reassure members of the public that the students listed below are members of a tESA accredited school.

Ruth Lewis
Annie Dunning
Ella Goelitz
Catherine Ireland
Joanna Mann
Liz Periam
Debbie Poskitt
Dian Van Eyck
Jo Welsby
Cameron Bell
Janet Nolan
Christine McWhirter
Katie Dawson
Jennifer Thompson
Jele Dominis (CRO)
Zrinka Štritof (CRO)
Sanja Kranjčec (CRO)
Marjana Kirin (CRO)
Vanja Ivanović (CRO)
Anja Popovič (SLO)
Claudia Furlan (ITA)
Pierangela Bazzani(ITA)

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Lynn Park
Pippa McGhie
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Continued Professional Development

Since 2007, tESA has required Practitioners to undertake Continual Professional Development if they wish to be on the public register.

tESA’s requirement is broadly similar to that of the Shiatsu Society and the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council

Details of CPD are available to members here and through the newsletter

You can download your CPD form here

CPD form
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CPD for members

School of Equine Shiatsu
May 13th is Basic Anatomy without Tears, taught by Hazel Blake who is an Equine Physio.
June 4th and 18th are development days covering new techniques, reminders of previous techniques and how to develop these, how little can we do physically and still be effective, the emotional responses and tuning in to these.

The Venue is Wykenhurst, Shaves Wood Lane, Albourne, West Sussex, BN6 9DY .Timings will be 10 - 4. The cost is £30 per person. Contact
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CPD - non-shiatsu lectures

Horses Inside Out - www.horsesinsideout.com have a series of lectures aimed at equine therapy professionals as useful CPD
RVC lectures
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