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About tESA

Shiatu Equine Shiatsu has had a professional organisation since 2002. The Equine Shiatsu Association (tESA) exists to publicise the benefits of Shiatsu on horses and is a support forum for people practising and training in Equine Shiatsu. tESA holds a Register of Practitioners who have attained a professional level of expertise in Shiatsu. The Register is open to all practitioners regardless of how or where they trained, provided they meet the standards set by tESA. All members, whether practitioners, students or Associates must adhere to the Associationís Code of Ethics.

It is the Associationís aim to facilitate communication and networking between members in different parts of the country and from different training establishments, thus promoting a sense of community within the profession and providing peer support for both students and practitioners. As well as a newsletter for members, and support via the website, tESA provides an insurance scheme, leaflets and promotional material, and exhibition display materials for members to use at public shows and events.

tESA's annual conference is an opportunity for members to meet and learn further techniques, share experiences and enjoy the company of like minded practitioners.

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Here you can find workshops and short courses designed as an introduction to equine shiatsu. There is also a section for CPD open to all graduates and in some cases, for students too. For more details about practitioner courses please look here http://www.equineshiatsu.org/training.shtml

Workshops and introductory weekends are designed to give horse owners or potential equine shiatsu practitioners a glimpse of what is involved. However,they do not form part of the tESA curriculum or training structure,and as such will not qualify participants as Shiatsu Practitioners

27/28 April 2017 - introductory weekend near Rome, Italy with Liz Eddy and Federica Saura of the Scottish School of Shiatsu for Horses.

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